Let the charm of Cap d’Antibes sweep you away

Cap d’Antibes is a peninsula in the commune of Antibes, located between Cannes and Nice, in the Alpes Maritimes department of the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region. Every year, it attracts a large number of tourists who come to enjoy the resort and stroll along its footpaths.

Discover Cap d’Antibes

Miraculously preserved, it offers a privileged setting facing the Mediterranean Sea. Cliffs and coves line the Cap d’Antibes peninsula. As you stroll through the picturesque streets of the Cap d’Antibes, you’ll appreciate the charm of the area, with its pine trees and beautiful villas such as Villa Sous Le Vent and Château de la Croë…

Owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral and classified as a Natura 2000 zone, Cap d’Antibes is home to a variety of plant and animal species. This exceptional site really took off in the 19th century. Well-to-do tourists built superb villas here. Since then, Cap d’Antibes has become a world-renowned resort, attracting numerous visitors and celebrities from the world of cinema and the arts every year.

The beaches of Cap d’Antibes are less crowded than those of Juan les Pins. Although wilder, they are not lacking in charm. Salis beach invites you for a moment of idleness, or for snorkeling and fish-watching. Les Ondes and La Garoupe beaches are equally pleasant, though relatively narrow.

A trip to Cap d’Antibes is also a good opportunity to observe the various birds that alight near the coastline, particularly around Anse de l’Argent Faux. Peregrine falcons nestle in the limestone cliffs and sometimes take up residence on Cap d’Antibes. Keep your eyes peeled for them. If you’re lucky, you may catch a glimpse of dolphins not far from the coast, in the early morning or early evening.

Must-see places in Cap d’Antibes

  • The Bay of Billionaires
    The Baie des milliardaires is one of Antibes’ wildest beaches. Initially accessible only by boat, it has been open to pedestrians since 2011 via a small footpath. Situated in the heart of the Cap, it is surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation, with some magnificent villas hidden among the trees. Just around the corner is the famous Eilen Roc villa. Here you can bathe in the turquoise waters, or venture out on the footpath that circles the cape.
  • L’Abri de l’olivette
    L’Abri de l’olivette is a small harbor home to around 50 “pointus”, the colorful boats typical of the south of France, making it an authentic place full of charm. You can set up your towel on the small beach, but swimming is not permitted in the harbor area. For a refreshing dip, head a little further along, near the rocks on the right, where you’ll find another pretty little cove.
  • La Garoupe
    La Garoupe beach is a small sandy beach in Cap d’Antibes. Particularly well protected from the wind, it offers crystal-clear, calm water for swimming. There are two private beaches and two public areas, both of which are quite small, so you’ll need to arrive early to get a good spot. For those who like to go for a walk, you can also take the footpath from here, which takes you along the Cap to the famous Bay of Billionaires.
  • La Gravette
    La Gravette is a sandy beach just behind the port of old Antibes. It’s very pleasant because it’s away from the road and well protected from the wind by the two dikes, but the main advantage of this beach is its proximity to the old center of Antibes.